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Iran Apple School

Since 2003, the center has started its activities in the field of repairs, and in particular the training of specialized mobile repairs.

The Iran Apple School  is an engineering team with market-oriented experience .

:Courses include

 Professional and Applied Fundamentals of Electronics

 Review all the issues that Apple has caused and how to fix them

 Full identification and stitch IC

 How to work with Dongles

 How to work with programmer

 Mapping on Apple-Software Motherboard and Hard Drive Upgrade



Phone Repair

Our experts have come to you with the use of world-class technology and the use of their many years of experience in the repair of all kinds of iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and etc.

All of our problems, including water damage, impact damage, glass replacement, weak antennaeing, weak battery, touch fracture, etc., will be delivered as soon as possible to you as on the first day.

We are waiting for you.

Repaired Done

Our Customer

Repair in Week

تعمیرگاه مجاز اپل در صالح کمپانی

Saleh Store

Sale of all types of mobile phone, iPad, Apple Watch, phone accessories (Handsfree, speaker, VR, special frames and luxury), as well as the sale of all kinds of equipment needed for repair of the phone only in the Saleh store!